Printing errors can happen for a variety of reasons.  Below are the common fixes.

  1. The file didn't download correctly.  Delete the original file and download a new copy. Save the new copy with a new name ... add something like "new" to the end of the filename.

  2. Your Adobe software is outdated or corrupt.  Install a new copy of Adobe.

If the above fixes do not work, try these.

  1. Print the PDF as an image:
    In the Adobe Reader/Acrobat print window, click the Advanced button.
    Select the "Print as Image" checkbox.

  2. Turn off protected mode:
    In Adobe Reader/Acrobat, click Preferences under the Edit menu.
    Click the "Security (Enhanced)" tab.

    Turn off one or more of the following settings:Enable Protected Mode at startup
    Protected View
    Enable Enhanced Security


If none of the above works for you AND you are using a MAC computer, please be sure your computer is using Adobe and not the built-in PDF viewer to open the file.

  • Right-click (how to right-click with Mac) the file from your computer and choose a selection like "Open with" and make sure the Mac is using Adobe to open the file.

If none of the above works, please submit a support ticket and let me know:

  1. What type of computer you're using

  2. What browser you're using

  3. Your Adobe software version

  4. Which of the above fixes you tried