The Problem

If you attempted to use PayPal's Guest Checkout option and received an error similar to:

"The credit card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit card number."

Then one of the following has probably occurred:

  1. You have entered a credit card number already associated with a PayPal account.

  2. You have entered an email address already used by an active PayPal account.


Possible Solutions

You will need to do one of the following to complete the checkout:

  1. Use a different credit/debit card.

  2. Login to the PayPal account associated with the credit card you want to use.

  3. Login to the PayPal account associated with the email address you want to use.


Further Assistance

We do not store credit card or billing information on our site.  Unfortunately, we can only offer the solutions detailed above. Do send us a support ticket to let us know you are having this problem. However, you'll also likely need to contact PayPal's customer service to find a different solution. Please be sure to mention the information we have provided here and whether or not you were attempting a "guest checkout" when you contact PayPal.